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How to use & Ampersand in your number sequence

By Mads Bender on 02 June 2023

This post will explore the setup of number sequence in Dynamics 365 (D365), and how to use Ampersand (&) in the setup of a number sequence in D365 and its limitations. First, we will delve into what number sequences are and why they are important in D365.

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Financial tags - discovering

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 26 May 2023

I love to check the every month the What's new in Dynamics 365 Finance to review the new features, modules and changes that Microsoft applies to the ERP, an one of the most expecting ones this year has been the Financial tags. I read several posts and articles about it, all super interesting and really promising, because it can be used in the financial reporting as a complement for the financial dimensions (my passion...) but you can edit the values after transactions are posted what it's not possible with the dimensions. If you want to learn more, you can check all the difference between the tags and dimensions in this link. 

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Close a period for posting in D365 Finance

By Cittros team on 05 May 2023

After a month closing is recommended to set the ledger period to On hold, so that no further posting occurs. This is also recommended for previous year periods and future periods.

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Vendor postings reconciliation

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 21 April 2023

Vendor ledger accounts in Dynamics 365 Finance are based on the "Posting profiles" that determine the balance account where the transaction, based on the type of movement and vendor group, is posted.

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It's possible to update a voucher. Yes! But only The description

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 14 April 2023

How many times you experience, hear and read about "once you post a journal in Dynamics 365 Finance, it's not possible to change it or deleted, you need to post a voucher to reverse the entry"?? As a user this can generates a lot frustration and more when the data you need to change is internal, for example the voucher description. 

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Financial reports – View and export

By Inga Numadottir on 07 April 2023

Financial reports are now an integrated feature of D365FO.The creation of reports is flexible and can include different hierarchiesof companies, which enables a view across companies.Once the reports are generated, the user can view the reports in different ways, as well as drill into the details, publish, print, and export. This article will focus on the options for export to Excel.

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Fixed assets – Depreciation across companies

By Inga Numadottir on 31 March 2023

When managing multiple companies, monthly tasks such as depreciation can take time. D365FO enables depreciation across multiple companies. This feature can be setup to run in batch every month, if wanted. It is also possible to add workflow and post the journals automatically once generated. This article will walk through how to configure and run depreciation across companies. 

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Period close – why use it?

By Inga Numadottir on 17 March 2023

Periodcloseis an integrated part of General ledger. This used to be a separate module, but has been moved to General Ledger. This feature will help you keep track of all tasks that are related to closing a period. No matter if it is month, quarterly or year-end close, this feature can help reduce the number of days it takes to close periods. The setup is a one time and can then be copied to the next period.

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By Inga Numadottir on 10 March 2023

Prepayment is a great feature in D365FO, but often customers and even partners are not aware of this feature. Prepayments are typically used when buyingabroad, where prepayments are required. In this article we will go through the prepayment in connection with the purchase order.This minimizes the risk of double paying vendor. 

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Currency types in D365 Finance

By Cittros team on 24 February 2023

One of the first and most important steps of implementing Dynamics 365 Finance is currency setup for accounting and reporting currency. Let's understand the use and setup options.

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