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Copilot for Finance in Outlook

By Daniela Arsovska on 03 May 2024

In our previous article we explained how to use Copilot for Finance in Excel, now we are going to dive into Copilot for Finance in Outlook. As we mentioned before in our previous article, Copilot for Finance and Outlook are now integrated. This means we can reply and write new emails straight from Copilot for Finance. It can save us time and make us more accurate in our answers. Let us dive into writing a new email using Copilot. 

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Excel reconciliation with Copilot for Finance

By Daniela Arsovska on 26 April 2024

Microsoft has this new tool called Microsoft Copilot for Finance. It is designed to make life easier for finance teams by automating the boring stuff and giving them smart tips right within the apps they are already using every day, like Excel and Outlook. This new feature is part of Microsoft 365, and it is smart enough to collaborate with your company's financial systems, like Dynamics 365. With Copilot for Finance, you can automate tasks, get suggestions on what to do next, and make better decisions without wasting any time.

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Enabling Copilot in Power Platform

By Daniela Arsovska on 02 February 2024

Microsoft is offering an incredible feature - Copilot in Power Platform. It is of great help when building an app. Copilot in Power Apps acts like a smart helper. It helps app users understand their data by chatting in everyday language. With Copilot, users can work smarter, getting helpful tips and easily moving around the app.  

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