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Recurring AP invoices

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 05 January 2024

When I started to review the new features included in the release 10.0.38, the first one I'm curious about is Enable recurring AP invoice with this description provide by Microsoft:
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Generate payments from bank statement and reconciliation

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 08 December 2023

In the new version of Dynamics 365 Finance 10.0.37 available this November 2023 there is an interesting new feature, in preview, called "Generate customer and vendor payments from bank statement and reconciliation". it sounds very helpful to generate, directly from the bank reconciliation form the customer or vendor transactions included in the bank statement of the bank that have not been posted in the system yet.

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Foreign currency revaluation in MDyn365F

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 27 October 2023

One of the powerful tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is the use of multiple currencies with the specific exchange rates for the posting of vendor invoices, bank transfers, payments... as a summary, all the required movements that need to be posted in a company.

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2 min read

Financial tags for journals

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 25 August 2023

A few months ago we discover the new functionality included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Financial Tags, and as I was expecting this great tool is growing, nice!!

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How to select the best billing approach

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 14 July 2023

Once you start to define and configure your ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, related to customer billing, there are several different options you can use to get a similar result. You can use free text invoices as a simple billing option, sales orders if you manage inventory or even project invoices if you want to control the WIP and revenues.

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4 min read

Credit & collections workspaces

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 30 June 2023

Work with the customer debt and manage all the collections has never been an easy task:  a customer agent usually controls multiple customers and every day execute several calls, emails, notes... related of each one of the invoices and contacted customers. For this reason in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance one of the most powerful workspaces is Customer credit and collections that includes all the information related to the customers that the agent control (customer pool) in one single place that the clerk can use for the daily work with the ability to do multiple tasks, as example:

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Product variants... finally with their own sales tax groups!!

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 23 June 2023

The use of product variants in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is a must for some business' where the same product can have multiple sizes, colors, configurations... because you need to create a Product Master and assign a Product dimension group with all the options available for the product without creating the same product multiple times.

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3 min read

Subscription billing (part 3)

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 16 June 2023

Subscription billing is a relatively new feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and is a separate module, which also covers the old Revenue recognition module This module is really powerful for all types of subscriptions scenarios as we explained in this overview and example, but as we were expecting and really looking for, since the version 10.0.32 the new Subscription billing module is linked to the Project management and accounting. Finally the circle is closed, fantastic!!! 😍😍

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12 min read

Financial tags - discovering

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 26 May 2023

I love to check the every month the What's new in Dynamics 365 Finance to review the new features, modules and changes that Microsoft applies to the ERP, an one of the most expecting ones this year has been the Financial tags. I read several posts and articles about it, all super interesting and really promising, because it can be used in the financial reporting as a complement for the financial dimensions (my passion...) but you can edit the values after transactions are posted what it's not possible with the dimensions. If you want to learn more, you can check all the difference between the tags and dimensions in this link. 

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3 min read

Excel workbook designer

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 28 April 2023

The total integration with Excel for Dynamics 365 Finance is one is the powerful tools that as user, consultant or technical we can use. I think it's amazing but, are you really using all the possibilities that the system offers? I wasn't until I read this great article Make your own Open in Excel Designer.

Since I read about this, I'm using it as much as I can, maybe too much 😅 but I'm really impress. Let me show you the step by step with one example:

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