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Use of Microsoft's Application Insights in D365 Finance

By Daniela Arsovska on 01 December 2023

Do you wonder how the app you created is doing? In our digital world, making sure applications work smoothly is super important. Applications do all sorts of jobs, like helping businesses, serving customers, and automating tasks. As apps become fancier, we need better ways to watch over them and fix problems. That is where Microsoft's Application Insights comes to the rescue.

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3 min read

Azure AI services - Machine Learning

By Vera Temkov on 12 September 2023

Welcome back to our series of blog posts for #AI and the services provided by Microsoft to support artificial intelligence in Azure and Power Platform. In this article, we will delve into the foundation of every artificial intelligence software, Machine learning.

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3 min read

AI Fundamentals

By Vera Temkov on 29 August 2023

Understanding the concept of Artificial Intelligence #AI

Get on board with the revolutionary digital transformation that everyone is talking about - Artificial Intelligence #AI. In this post we will try to bring this subject closer to the end users by explaining what is #AI and the different concepts that #AI is based on.

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