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Financial tags for journals

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 25 August 2023

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A few months ago we discover the new functionality included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Financial Tags, and as I was expecting this great tool is growing, nice!!

In the product version 10.0.33 the financial tags were added to the Customer and Vendor payment journals. in the next version 10.0.34, the tags where added to the following journals:

  • General ledger module

    • Periodic journal

    • Reporting currency adjustment journals

  • Fixed assets module

    • Fixed asset journal

  • Account payable module

    • Vendor invoice journal

    • Invoice register

This is a huge improvement because the recorded values can be modified if required, so there are not as rigid as the financial dimensions, and can be use for extra info needed to analyze in the transactions.

The plan is to add this new functionality in Sales Order documents (schedule in release 10.0.36), Purchase Order documents and Free text invoice. These last two are not schedule yet but Microsoft is working on that. The main question is if these will be included in the financial reports and inquiries, or it will be included only in the new tool Business Performance Analytics BPA

Keep your eyes in the next articles where we will continue discovering all the details together and share your comments with me in the LinkedIn or contact us to review this or other topics. Thanks for reading!!

Written by Cittros team

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