2 min read

Configure info codes - Commerce Part 6

By Daniela Arsovska on 07 June 2024


Topics: D365 Commerce Retail POS
4 min read

Set up modes of delivery - Commerce part 5

By Daniela Arsovska on 31 May 2024

This article is about setting up how items get delivered to your store or online shop. We will show you how to pick which delivery options you want for your places and for selling items on the Internet. You will also find out how to offer different shipping methods for different mixes of your shops, what you are selling, and where it is going.

Topics: D365 Commerce Retail POS
22 min read

Setup PayPal - Commerce part 4

By Daniela Arsovska on 24 May 2024

A significant portion of e-commerce transactions uses PayPal for online payments. D365 Commerce offers an out-of-the-box PayPal connector to facilitate the acceptance of PayPal transactions. Once an order is created and fulfilled, PayPal payments are captured from the back office as part of the invoicing process.

Topics: D365 Commerce Retail POS
12 min read

Configure payment methods - Commerce part 3

By Daniela Arsovska on 19 April 2024

In this article we will give a brief explanation on how to set up a payment method for omnichannel in D365 Commerce. 

Topics: D365 Commerce Retail POS

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