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Use of Microsoft's Application Insights in D365 Finance

By Daniela Arsovska on 01 December 2023

Do you wonder how the app you created is doing? In our digital world, making sure applications work smoothly is super important. Applications do all sorts of jobs, like helping businesses, serving customers, and automating tasks. As apps become fancier, we need better ways to watch over them and fix problems. That is where Microsoft's Application Insights comes to the rescue.

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Application Lifecycle Management Described: Building Software is Like Building a House

By Mads Bender on 29 November 2023


Topics: D365FO D365 Commerce D365 Supply Chain Management ALM
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New feature: Bulk edit in grid

By Daniela Arsovska on 24 November 2023

I bet that every one of us has had a request from our customers to change the value in some field for a group of vendors, or a Purchase order line. Then we needed to open each record one by one and make this change. The request may be a change of mode of delivery for given PO lines or change of vendor group for given vendors. And this is all time consuming.

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Advanced Data Transformation Techniques in Power BI

By Mads Bender on 21 November 2023

Welcome to another Reporting Tuesday blog post! Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Power BI with advanced data transformation techniques? Whether you're an intermediate user or on your way to becoming an advanced one, this article is tailored for you. Let's dive into the heart of effective reporting and analysis in Power BI.

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Approve posting with matching discrepancies

By Daniela Arsovska on 10 November 2023

Have you ever been stuck with errors on matching invoice and purchase order?' in this article we will show you how to resolve matching discrepancies.

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Foreign currency revaluation in MDyn365F

By Clara Seijo Blanque on 27 October 2023

One of the powerful tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is the use of multiple currencies with the specific exchange rates for the posting of vendor invoices, bank transfers, payments... as a summary, all the required movements that need to be posted in a company.

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Excel add-in  - how to skip the extra download step

By Inga Numadottir on 20 October 2023

I find it very annoying to have to do the extra download when I just want to open data in Excel from D365 FO. What I realized is that it has nothing to do with D365, but that Edge is so ‘helpful’ and decides to always open Excel in a browser.

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Journal features - one voucher and others

By Inga Numadottir on 13 October 2023

Microsoft is planning to discontinue the feature they call ‘One Voucher’. This feature allows you to use one voucher pr. journal. This journey has already started, and new features do not respect the setup of the journal. This can cause an issue when using some of the later features, as these do not check the setup of the journals used. The result is that some journals will never be posted. I have one good example below, where setup of journal in general is not considered in split fixed asset.

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How to share a workspace

By Daniela Arsovska on 06 October 2023

In this fourth and last article for creation of workspace we are going to explain how to share the workspace. 

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Add list and link to the workspace

By Daniela Arsovska on 29 September 2023

This is the third article in the series of articles about how to create workspace and share the workspace.  

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