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Working with data on sharepoint

By Mads Bender on 27 January 2023

Personal experience working with data in larger projects with SharePoint.

More and more of our daily operation centers on data, and the aspect of sharing data is of great value. As a business professional you most likely use Microsoft office problems in your daily operations, and if you work on projects, you are likely to also use SharePoint to manage the sharing of documents.

4 min read

Power BI web sources Part 1 – Web pages

By Mads Bender on 24 January 2023

Web scraping and using data from the internet open a whole new aspect of analysis. This open the option for adding real time data to your reports, web-based data sources can be either APIs or source code for a webpage.

2 min read

Transform data in Power BI

By Mads Bender on 10 January 2023

After loading data to Power BI, you have the option to transform the data, for some queries you might not use this at all and for other you might use it extensively. One of the things you can do here is to normalize a data source. You can duplicate a query and then remove redundant data to decrease the size of you report. It is also possible to add calculated columns, let say you have the value in local currency and the exchange rate to your reporting currency. Then you can make an extra column with the value in reporting currency.

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2 min read

Power BI: my first impressions

By Mads Bender on 27 December 2022

Most people today know of or have heard of Power BI. Power BI is a simple software and with limited introduction you will be able to produce meaningful reports. It is then possible to dive deeper into the software and create very complex and beautiful reports, again with limited effort. This is one of the things I really enjoy with Power BI. It is an extremely powerful visualization tool.

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4 min read

Introduction to Power BI

By Mads Bender on 13 December 2022

Power BI is built up with a similar layout to Microsoft other products and when you open a power BI desktop session you will have the following 7 modules:

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5 min read

Create a Power BI report using D365FO data from Azure Data Lake

By Mads Bender on 29 November 2022

Power BI is one of the biggest and most popular BI tools today and it is a central part of many companies’ business intelligence toolbox. Therefore, it is essential to integrate your ERP solution with your Power BI. This post will explore the method for retrieving D365FO data from Azure Data Lake.

Topics: D365FO PowerBI

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