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5 min read

Tips and Tricks for Accrual Schemes in D365FO

Introduction:Welcome to our latest blog post where we delve into the world of Accrual Schemes within Dynamics 365...

4 min read

How to test if the Email was sent in D365 Finance and Operations

Are your users asking why they are not receiving workflow emails? Or they have sent an invoice to a customer who claims...

3 min read

Enabling Copilot in Power Platform

Microsoft is offering an incredible feature - Copilot in Power Platform. It is of great help when building an app....

6 min read

Navigate the URL landscape using query parameters in D365 FO

Query parameters are additional information appended at the end of a web address. They are separated from the base...

4 min read

Modification of Excel templates in D365 FO

When dealing with journals that have a lot of data lines, the best way to manage it is by opening the journal lines in...

1 min read

Vendor on hold for payment

I am sure many of you have been in this situation where you want to block a vendor, but not fully block him.There are...

5 min read

Advancing Your Skills Best Practices and Trade-offs in DAX and M Query

Welcome back to a new Reporting Tuesday blog post, in this post we will dive deeper into Power BI's capabilities! After...

5 min read

Recurring AP invoices

When I started to review the new features included in the release 10.0.38, the first one I'm curious about is Enable...
2 min read

A Novice's Guide to DAX in Power BI


Welcome back to a new Reporting Tuesday blog post. As a novice to the world of Power BI, one term you'll...

3 min read

Temporary voucher number in D365 Finance

Often, we are witnesses or the error message: “Voucher XXX is already used as of date XXX.”

There are two ways to...

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