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3 min read

Copilot for Finance in Outlook

In our previous article we explained how to use Copilot for Finance in Excel, now we are going to dive into Copilot for...

3 min read

Excel reconciliation with Copilot for Finance

Microsoft has this new tool called Microsoft Copilot for Finance. It is designed to make life easier for finance teams...

12 min read

Configure payment methods - Commerce part 3

In this article we will give a brief explanation on how to set up a payment method for omnichannel in D365 Commerce.


4 min read

Configure omnichannel prerequisites in Dynamics 365 Commerce - Part 2

In this article we are going to explain how to configure a retail warehouse, one of remaining components of the...

4 min read

Setting up Omnichannel in Dynamics 365 Commerce - Step by step Part 1

Before you dive into setting up your online store or other sales channels, or before you get your Dynamics 365 Commerce...

4 min read

Dynamics 365 Commerce - channel types

Dynamics 365 Commerce is cool for shoppers because it lets you buy stuff whenever and wherever you want, on any device,...

6 min read

How to connect Retail CPOS to a hardware station

A Cloud-based Point of Sale (CPOS) is a web-based application accessible through a web browser. As a result, it does...

7 min read

Exploring D365 Commerce – A Gateway to Unifying Commerce

We are welcoming you to our series of eleven articles on Dynamics 365 Commerce, where we dive into the world of modern...

3 min read

Financial tags for Sales Order

A few months ago we discover the new functionality included in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Financial Tags, and as I...

4 min read

Power Apps- which one is the right for your organization

Many organizations struggle to create solutions that support their business effectively. They find it hard to update...

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