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4 min read

Financial reports – using default reports

Financial reports are now an integrated feature of D365FO.The creation of reports is flexible and can include...

4 min read

Working with data on sharepoint

Personal experience working with data in larger projects with SharePoint.

More and more of our daily operation centers...

4 min read

Power BI web sources Part 1 – Web pages

Web scraping and using data from the internet open a whole new aspect of analysis. This open the option for adding real...

10 min read

Subscription billing (part 2)

Subscription billing is a relatively new feature in D365FO and is a separatemodule, which also covers the old revenue...

3 min read

Subscription billing (part 1)

Subscription billing is a relatively new feature in D365FO and is a separate module, which also covers the old revenue...

2 min read

Transform data in Power BI

After loading data to Power BI, you have the option to transform the data, for some queries you might not use this at...

2 min read

Auditors Reports for Fixed Assets in D365 Finance

In the previous post we saw how to obtain reports for general ledger directly in Excel from D365 Finance using the...

2 min read

Power BI: my first impressions

Most people today know of or have heard of Power BI. Power BI is a simple software and with limited introduction you...

3 min read

Modify a form in D365 Finance for multiple users

In D365 Finance it’s possible to define mandatory fields for all the users in an existing form without development...

4 min read

Introduction to Power BI

Power BI is built up with a similar layout to Microsoft other products and when you open a power BI desktop session you...

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