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12 min read

Configure payment methods - Commerce part 3

By Daniela Arsovska on 19 April 2024

In this article we will give a brief explanation on how to set up a payment method for omnichannel in D365 Commerce. 

Topics: D365 Commerce Retail POS
4 min read

Configure omnichannel prerequisites in Dynamics 365 Commerce - Part 2

By Daniela Arsovska on 12 April 2024

In this article we are going to explain how to configure a retail warehouse, one of remaining components of the omnichannel in D365. In the previous post, we explain how to do the setup for Initializing Seed Data, Commerce Parameters and Distribution Schedules. Here we will continue with configuration of the warehouse.

Topics: D365FO D365 Commerce
4 min read

Setting up Omnichannel in Dynamics 365 Commerce - Step by step Part 1

By Daniela Arsovska on 05 April 2024

Before you dive into setting up your online store or other sales channels, or before you get your Dynamics 365 Commerce rolling, there are some basic things you have got to do first. Here's what you need to sort out:

Topics: D365FO D365 Commerce Retail
4 min read

Dynamics 365 Commerce - channel types

By Daniela Arsovska on 29 March 2024

Dynamics 365 Commerce is cool for shoppers because it lets you buy stuff whenever and wherever you want, on any device, and this works both online and if you walk into a store.

Topics: D365FO D365 Commerce Retail
6 min read

How to connect Retail CPOS to a hardware station

By Daniela Arsovska on 22 March 2024

A Cloud-based Point of Sale (CPOS) is a web-based application accessible through a web browser. As a result, it does not support offline capabilities. CPOS is intended to be used together with a hardware station in the retail store.

After the introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, in this article we are going to see how to connect Retail CPOS to a hardware station.

Connecting Retail Cloud POS (CPOS) to a hardware station requires a few steps to properly set up and associate users, as well as to ensure that hardware and software communicate correctly. Here is a summarized guide to help you through the process:

Topics: D365 Commerce Retail
7 min read

Exploring D365 Commerce – A Gateway to Unifying Commerce

By Daniela Arsovska on 15 March 2024

We are welcoming you to our series of eleven articles on Dynamics 365 Commerce, where we dive into the world of modern retail and business management. In this first article, "Exploring D365 Commerce," we will introduce you to the importance of Dynamics 365 Commerce today.  This article will be followed up by these ten other articles: 

  • How to connect Retail CPOS to a hardware station (activation) 

  • Dynamics 365 Commerce channels  

  • Setting up Omnichannel in D365 Commerce 

  • Configure omnichannel prerequisites in D365 Commerce  

  • Dynamics d365 Commerce Payment methods  

  • Setup PayPal  

  • Configure mode of delivery  

  • Configure info codes 

  • Manage channel inventory 

  • Customer engagement in d365 

In today's world, where customers expect more, Dynamics 365 Commerce has tried to create a complete omnichannel solution. It combines the operations of the back-office, physical stores, call centers, and online storefronts.

Topics: D365FO D365 Commerce Retail
4 min read

Power Apps- which one is the right for your organization

By Daniela Arsovska on 01 March 2024

Many organizations struggle to create solutions that support their business effectively. They find it hard to update their systems and often lack the resources needed to keep up with evolving business needs. One example, engineers in production frequently encounter situations where they require specific mechanical parts to complete a job. Usually, they would have to submit a request and wait for relevant managers to respond, only to discover the part is not available. With Power Apps, engineers can now check inventory levels on-site and request parts immediately. This will minimize delays and will streamline the process.

Topics: Power Platform PowerApps
2 min read

Marked Transaction Detail form in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

By Daniela Arsovska on 23 February 2024

Sometimes you or your client have encountered a bit of a hiccup when creating an Accounts Payable Payment Journal, specifically running into an error that states: "This transaction has been marked for settlement by AP payment.” No worries, in this article I will guide you through a straightforward process to resolve this.

Topics: Finance D365FO D365 Supply Chain Management
4 min read

How to test if the Email was sent in D365 Finance and Operations

By Daniela Arsovska on 09 February 2024

Are your users asking why they are not receiving workflow emails? Or they have sent an invoice to a customer who claims they have not received it? In this article, I will demonstrate how to verify that an email has been sent and how to access the email history to view the email content. I will also cover adjusting the sender's email address.

Topics: D365FO D365 Supply Chain Management
3 min read

Enabling Copilot in Power Platform

By Daniela Arsovska on 02 February 2024

Microsoft is offering an incredible feature - Copilot in Power Platform. It is of great help when building an app. Copilot in Power Apps acts like a smart helper. It helps app users understand their data by chatting in everyday language. With Copilot, users can work smarter, getting helpful tips and easily moving around the app.  

Topics: Copilot Power Platform

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