In this article we are providing an overview of customer engagement strategies within Dynamics 365 Commerce for retailers. The illustration below gives an overview of the main points regarding the system's capabilities:Diagram

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  1. Price Groups are key for assigning appropriate prices and discounts to various entities such as channels, catalogs, affiliations, and loyalty programs. Planning their use carefully is crucial for success.

  2. Loyalty Management: This multifaceted feature allows for the creation and tracking of different loyalty programs that offer earning and redemption rules designed to motivate customer loyalty. Retailers can also consolidate points across multiple loyalty cards and transfer rewards balances, enhancing the cohesiveness of customer experiences.

  3. Affiliation: In Dynamics 365 Commerce, an affiliation refers to a customer group association, offering retailers flexibility in applying discounts and special pricing not limited or segregated by conventional price groups. This can be i.e., a certain customer group that gets special pricing.

  4. Gift Cards: Retailers can issue and redeem both physical and electronic gift cards. Physical cards are usually issued in-store, whereas electronic cards may be issued through call centers or e-commerce platforms. Retailers can track transactions, reload cards, and view the complete history of the internal gift cards via the Commerce Headquarters.

These features—affiliations, loyalty programs, and gift cards—are strategic tools that can significantly enhance the degree of customer engagement. They encourage repeat business and brand loyalty through loyalty points, special discounts, and exclusive offers for members. Retailers using Dynamics 365 Commerce can effectively leverage these tools to create a customized shopping experience that drives revenue.

If you have any questions or require more detailed information about these features and how they can best be utilized within your retail operations, you are encouraged to reach out for further assistance.

Written by Cittros team

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