Managing store inventory in Dynamics 365 Commerce is essential for efficient operations and customer satisfaction. Dynamics 365 Commerce offers various capabilities to manage store inventory effectively, such as replenishment, inbound and outbound operations, stock counts, and inventory lookup features. Let us delve into the key points: 

Dynamics 365 Commerce utilizes the warehouse entity to oversee and manage physical inventory at each fulfillment location, whether it is a distribution center or a brick-and-mortar store.

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Store warehouses are integrated into the store channel setup. Each store is assigned a unique store warehouse, enabling users to track available inventory for specific items at individual store locations. 

Users can easily view on-hand inventory for items at their store warehouse and check inventory levels at other distribution centers or nearby store warehouses. 

Store employees can request restocks for low or out-of-stock items through transfer order requests. They can also initiate outbound transfer orders to redistribute overstock or damaged items to distribution centers or other store locations. 

Headquarters users gain a centralized view of inventory across all store and distribution center warehouse locations, enabling informed inventory purchase and transfer decisions. 

A store employee can also see what inventory is in other stores, so they can help customers with where the item is available. 

Dynamics 365 Commerce offers functionalities like Cross Docking and Buyer’s Push to facilitate inventory replenishment efficiently. 

Users can utilize count journals to update and adjust physical inventory counts for specific items within specific warehouses. Stock counts can be created either by store employees or pre-planned from the corporation, ensuring accurate inventory management. 

Store employees can easily access current physical on-hand inventory for selected items through the Store Commerce application. 

By leveraging the inventory management features in Dynamics 365 Commerce, retailers can effectively manage and maintain their store inventory while allowing for centralized inventory management through Headquarters.  

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Written by Cittros team

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