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Close a period for posting in D365 Finance

By Cittros team on 05 May 2023

After a month closing is recommended to set the ledger period to On hold, so that no further posting occurs. This is also recommended for previous year periods and future periods.

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Retail ERP excellence delivered by Cittros

By Cittros team on 24 March 2023

Microsoft Dynamics Retail (now Dynamics 365 Commerce) is the ERP solution that offers retailers the efficiency and flexibility they need. It delivers a fully integrated, mobile-optimized, omni-channel shopping experience. From point-of-sale (POS) store operations, merchandising, e-commerce, and marketing to customer care, supply chain, and financials, the modular solution can meet the needs of virtually any size retail business.

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ERP solution implementations: the solution architecture phase

By Cittros team on 03 March 2023

The architect role in an ERP implementation ensures that the overall process is on track and that the strategy laid out by top-level decision makers is followed at all levels of the organization. Thus, Cittros architects work with the finance and functional decision makers in your organization to provide both strategic and operational insights and advice.

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Currency types in D365 Finance

By Cittros team on 24 February 2023

One of the first and most important steps of implementing Dynamics 365 Finance is currency setup for accounting and reporting currency. Let's understand the use and setup options.

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The importance of ERP solution enablement

By Cittros team on 17 February 2023

An important, but often overlooked part of incorporating new IT solutions in an organization is user readiness and adoption of the new solution. Whether you are moving to an entirely new ERP system or going through a Dynamics AX/D365 version upgrade, having a well-defined plan for preparing, training and enabling users is essential to a successful solution adoption.

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Cittros Task Recordings Tricks and Tips!

By Cittros team on 10 February 2023

We will share the most useful tricks and tips that you can take advantage of within Dynamics AX or D365FO.

This guide provides instructions on how to ensure that your implementation project provides the necessary input for any subsequent automated regression test as part of the on-going continuous updates of D365 One Version.

Prior to any automated regression testing, the following manually elements needs to be in place and approved as part of a go-live quality assurance process.

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Modify a form in D365 Finance for multiple users

By Cittros team on 16 December 2022

In D365 Finance it’s possible to define mandatory fields for all the users in an existing form without development required, for example, for the users that will create vendors in the vendor master, modify the form to have all the required fields defined as mandatory by default to avoid errors and missing information.

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ERP solutions for the professional services industry

By Cittros team on 09 December 2022

Cittros has a long-standing focus on the professional services industry. Our team understands the requirements of professional services organizations and the environment in which they operate, allowing us to deliver significant value to your business.

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The importance of performance optimization, health checks and governance audits

By Cittros team on 02 December 2022

Why you should invest in solution audits

Cittros performs solution governance and performance reviews on behalf of Microsoft and directly for Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 ERP clients.

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Maximize the potential of your ERP solution

By Cittros team on 18 November 2022

Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 are gaining a continuously larger share in the ERP market for large, international enterprises. The complexity of implementing a new ERP system or upgrading an older version of Microsoft Dynamics in such multi-country organizations is not a challenge to be taken lightly. Although AX/D365 provides the functionality, stability and flexibility to support large enterprises, without having the right team, cost estimate, and time-to-deployment, the entire implementation process can quickly spin out of control.

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