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The importance of ERP solution enablement

By Cittros team on 17 February 2023

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An important, but often overlooked part of incorporating new IT solutions in an organization is user readiness and adoption of the new solution. Whether you are moving to an entirely new ERP system or going through a Dynamics AX/D365 version upgrade, having a well-defined plan for preparing, training and enabling users is essential to a successful solution adoption.

Cittros is highly focused on user enablement – we believe it comprises more than just application usage training. To us, true enablement is about winning the acceptance of key users. Therefore, we opt to include them early in the process, and we remain open to feedback and ideas from all levels of the organization.

The Cittros team can enable your successful implementation by:
  • Training your Center of Excellence teams.

  • Defining and setup the EPR to implement your business process using the Dynamics 365 Platform to obtain the best approach to maximize the use of all the powerful standard functionality.

  • Preparing your users for success with interactive discussions and hands-on assignments.

  • Preparing and running workshops for your teams (on-site or virtual).

  • Providing practical, real-life use cases and best practices.

  • Guiding you or preparing the BPM definition (business process modeler) to record all the business cases in LCS (Lifecycle service) and automatize the testing by using RSAT (Regression suite automation tool).

  • Helping you to maintain your environments updated.

  • Analyzing new features to recommend you to active them based on your core processes.

  • Recommending and working together with third parties for solutions not cover by the standard.

  • Being totally clear about timing, costs, efforts, risks and benefits.

  • Defining weekly follow up meetings to review the project plan, completed and open tasks.

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Written by Cittros team

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