Cittros has a long-standing focus on the professional services industry. Our team understands the requirements of professional services organizations and the environment in which they operate, allowing us to deliver significant value to your business.

Cittros has extensive experience in deploying financial and project accounting ERP modules for advertising, media, construction, facilities management, research, public administration, national defense, legal, and real estate businesses. Service-oriented companies often need to manage projects, services, time, travel, cost, equipment, employees, and expenses. You will find that D365 integrates all the tools you need to organize your resources efficiently, helping you make better decisions and driving more value to your business.

Each professional service company is unique and the way it operates can depend heavily on the service provided. For this reason, it's key to find an ERP with multiple possibilities about business process and configuration, multicompany and multilanguage, easily scalable and updated with the last versions to avoid future implementations and team efforts. D365 Finance covers all these requirements and Cittros has the deep knowledge and experience with it. 

We have successfully implemented several large-scale, service-oriented enterprise solutions. Our expertise and experience with the project and the professional services automation modules of D365 are second to none in Europe. The Cittros team of consultants and architects has helped Microsoft design and build the project accounting module in its ERP solution.

D365FO for Professional Services provides key functionalities for project accounting, including:

  • Financials

  • Project definition and cost estimation

  • Resource planning and allocation

  • Timesheets and expense reports, billing documents

  • Billing based on time and material or fixed price

  • Work-in-Progress (WIP) cost and reconciliation

  • Business intelligence and reporting

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Written by Cittros team

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