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Maximize the potential of your ERP solution

By Cittros team on 18 November 2022

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Today, Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 are gaining a continuously larger share in the ERP market for large, international enterprises. The complexity of implementing a new ERP system or upgrading an older version of Microsoft Dynamics in such multi-country organizations is not a challenge to be taken lightly. Although AX/D365 provides the functionality, stability and flexibility to support large enterprises, without having the right team, cost estimate, and time-to-deployment, the entire implementation process can quickly spin out of control.

The importance of the right team

Cittros is a consulting company operating globally, which focuses on complex deployments of Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 business solutions. The Cittros team is comprised of highly skilled senior architects and consultants with many successful, global Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 implementations under our belt. We believe that ERP software implementations are not about technology, but about your business, and, thus, need to take into consideration your business processes, for your core business, HQ and subsidiaries, and cost of ownership with our experience, deep knowledge about the solution and new features, always applying the best practices during implementations.

AX/D365 ERP solutions are our forte

Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 has become an extensive product that meets the requirements of many large corporations. As the solution features are very wide-ranging, our consultants each specialize in different feature sets, to ensure their in-depth understanding and experience within their areas of specialization. As a team, we deliver the entire solution lifecycle: from analysis and design to development, IT infrastructure, deployment and user training.

To ensure your company makes the best decisions for your business, we advise you to engage the right team early in the implementation process; Cittros in on hand to help.

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