Why you should invest in solution audits

Cittros performs solution governance and performance reviews on behalf of Microsoft and directly for Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 ERP clients.

So far, our team has performed health checks and governance audits on several ongoing and completed deployments for AX2009, AX2012 clients and those upgrading to the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365. These implementations have spanned various industries, including retail (Retail POS and MPOS), professional services (international clients using intercompany T&E), and manufacturing (clients running MRP, FMCG companies with many transactions, using master planning).

Avoiding performance issues is key to the long-term success of your ERP implementation

Performance issues can generally be avoided when you make the right decisions from the beginning, and you mitigate all risks before going live with a solution. Most implementations involve multiple, often conflicting constraints on project resourcing, budgets and timelines. Because of this, we do not advise you to undertake health checks in the final stages of an implementation, when it might already be too late. In our experience, good governance from day one drives user acceptance and post-deployment satisfaction to a large extent.

Engage the Cittros team for a comprehensive solution heath check audit – and get your project quickly back on track. You can rely on us for top-quality ERP program governance, code reviews, and performance optimizations.

When Dynamics AX/D365 implementation projects do not go as planned, issues typically manifest themselves as poor performance of specific functions or even the entire application. Performance issues are typically caused by technical issues, such as coding quality or bottlenecks in the infrastructure. The reasons for these issues often stem from poor project management, lack of quality assurance processes, or a general lack of experience in the project team.

Cittros has worked directly for clients, and alongside the Microsoft escalation team as an independent party in performing audits and optimization reviews of existing, troublesome ERP implementations. As part of our approach, we go through business code, integration points, and installation issues to identify inexpedient work processes, such as code quality assurance and deployment procedures.

We deliver targeted audit reports that enable management to make changes in strategic and operational procedures, swiftly placing the project back on track. We also provide diagnostics and solutions to specific technical issues for developers and technicians.

When we work together, we will identify:

  • Poorly written code causing performance blues

  • Best practice deviations causing upgradability issues

  • Database performance issues, e.g., large tables of missing indices

  • Bottlenecks or collisions in integrations points

  • Issues with quality assurance and deployment procedures

  • The right choice of integration technologies in terms of security, scalability, frequency and throughput

Contact us today and get your project back on track. 

Written by Cittros team

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