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Journal features - one voucher and others

By Inga Numadottir on 13 October 2023

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Microsoft is planning to discontinue the feature they call ‘One Voucher’. This feature allows you to use one voucher pr. journal. This journey has already started, and new features do not respect the setup of the journal. This can cause an issue when using some of the later features, as these do not check the setup of the journals used. The result is that some journals will never be posted. I have one good example below, where setup of journal in general is not considered in split fixed asset.

Split of Fixed Asset

I run into a huge issue that other day. I had created a fixed asset journal name and wanted the journal to only have one voucher for all lines pr. journal. That did not seem to be possible, so the journal would never balance and could not post. I did a lot of research and tested all different options with number sequences and setup of journal. No results. So I ended up having a developer check what was going on.

To follow my example go to General ledger > Journal setup > Journal name and create a new journal of fixed asset posting type. Then select the parameter to use ’one voucher number only‘.

If I create a manual journal this works fine and the new journal will respect that and all the lines will have the same voucher number. (old feature). So does the forced offset account setup.

However, if you want to split a fixed asset, it is no longer checked what the voucher is set to in the journal or if there is a default offset account. In stead it checks if there is a feature enabled to create separate voucher number for journal lines.... as shown below.

The better option would be to add this parameter on the journal name setup. Then this feature would be specific to each journal name created and not a general feature.

I disabled this feature and then it all worked, somewhat. Still not as I defined in the journal. In stead it now acts like I have set the parameter to change voucher ’in connection with balance‘ and not one voucher pr. Journal. This means that it still is not checking the setup of the journal I am using.

I think it would be very unfortunate to discontinue One Voucher and it will cause lot of time consuming issues for customers. It is also clear to me, that the features and the setup of the fixed asset journal has not been tested properly. Even the reporting currency does not work properly when splitting the fixed asset, whereas it works fine if you create the split manually(old feature).

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