Do you wonder how the app you created is doing? In our digital world, making sure applications work smoothly is super important. Applications do all sorts of jobs, like helping businesses, serving customers, and automating tasks. As apps become fancier, we need better ways to watch over them and fix problems. That is where Microsoft's Application Insights comes to the rescue.

What's Application Insights?

Application Insights is like a special tool from Microsoft. Application insights is useful for business that make apps. It helps you keep a close eye on how well your applications are doing, whether they are on the internet, on your own computers, or even on different cloud services.

  1. Find Problems Before They Hurt: Application Insights tells you if your app is having problems. It looks at how your app works and warns you if something is going wrong. This way, you can fix issues before they cause trouble.

  2. Check What Users Think: It is important to know how people are using your app and how they feel about it. Application Insights helps you see if users are having a good time with your app or if it is too slow for them.

  3. Customize It Your Way: You can make Application Insights work how you want it to. You can watch special things that are important for your app, like how many people are buying things or signing up for your service.

  4. Work Together with Development: If you are building an app, you can use Application Insights while making it. It helps you spot mistakes early so your app works better from the start.

  5. Grow as Your App Grows: Whether you have a small app or a big one, Application Insights can manage it. It grows with your app, making sure it works well as more people use it.

How Does It Work?

Application insights can be enabled from Feature management. After the enablement, a setup is done in D365 FO in System Administration module. Application Insights watches your app and collects data about how it is doing. This includes things like what people are doing in your app, any problems they face, and other important details. This data goes to a special place in the Azure portal, where you can look at it easily. The portal has tools to help you understand the data, like graphs and charts.


Apps are essential for businesses and daily life. Making sure they work perfectly is necessary. Microsoft's Application Insights is like a superhero tool that helps you watch over your apps. It tells you if something is wrong, helps you understand how users feel, and lets you customize it to your needs. Whether you are a programmer, a tech expert, or a business owner, Application Insights makes sure your apps are top-notch.

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Written by Cittros team

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